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Blazer Belt copy.jpg




1. Choose Your Lapel Style

Wide Peak Lapel

Choose a wide peak style lapel in satin or velvet. Why not add some satin piping on the border. 

Peak Lapels copy.jpg
Shawl Lapel

Add a dandy touch with a wide shawl lapel. You also have the option to add the piping detail in satin.  

Shawl Lapel Illustrated.jpg
D End Lapel

Similar to a shawl lapel but more rounded off at the bottom to create a softer approach. 

Shawl Lapels D End  copy.jpg

2. Choose Your Cuff Style

Jacket Cuff Style

Looking to add a unique approach, well just add our signature jacket cuff designs in four illustrated options.

Cuffs  copy.jpg

3. Extras

Embroidery Lapels

Its all about the extra touches. Get our highly skilled craftsman to add embellished embroidery to the lapels. 

Embrodery Lapels copy.jpg
Shawl Lapel

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Shawl Lapel Illustrated.jpg





Our in store experience is highly recommended to all our customers. Located in the West End of London - Holborn, Lambs Conduit Street. Make a booking to meet our design team and create your masterpiece.   

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